Why is the world the way it is when the vast majority of us just want to live our lives and be left alone? This system isn’t natural, and now we know why… Read More

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The Scariest Story Ever Told

The Scariest Story Ever Told (with a Happy ending) By Christina: *with footnotes from Eric Raines in bold italics*     Preface:   I was 42 years old early in 2014 when a blizzard swept across Georgia, bringing in its wake layers of ice and power outages. It seemed like a good time for a road trip from where we lived in Columbia County to go see my friend in Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston was not expected to freeze, but the area around where we lived in Georgia was out of power for days. I was having so much fun … Read more

Golden Frequency Immersion Retreat

The magic and mystery of humanity has long been relegated into the dustbins of history, into the mundane reaches of what is possible. What we are facing in this current day is the culmination of a species capable of mythical “god-like” powers, but has and has had no access to even perceiving the energy that charges these abilities except in isolated and rare cases around the world. These times are coming to an end. With the rising frequencies and amplitude increasing the vibratory resonance of the planet on all levels, physically, energetically, consciously and evolutionary, these energies not only are … Read more