Welcome to Unleashing Natural Humanity

Welcome to Unleashing Natural Humanity!

Welcome you energy workers, light bringers, old souls, wanderers, crystal beings, and seekers of truth and light!


This is a space dedicated to freeing our world from the systems that hold our energetic bodies, our minds, and our physical reality trapped in repetitive cycles of struggle, disease, self sabotage, unhappiness, disharmony, war, terror, frustration, and negativity of all kinds. Here, I will guide you through parasite/implant and entity extractions, Golden Christ-Consciousness energy work, Golden Frequency Attunements, and strengthening your energy reserves to utilize these systems.


When dealing with etheric parasites/entities, there are some specific things we need to take into account. Our energy is the reason they are here, and building up our competency and awareness of these systems is paramount.  The Golden Christ-Consciousness frequency is how we take care of our energy and physical bodies, and the gold light protection/extraction protocols are how we deal with anything invading our space.  There are multiple angles to gain a foothold in this awareness. First and foremost, having these systems removed completely to provide the understanding of what it actually feels like to have your body working the way it is supposed to; free of pain, clarity of mind, emotionally centered. The clearing helps to gain competency in your own energy work much faster, and coaching in using this energy can speed this process up dramatically.


A Golden Theta State Cord Cutting and Soul Shard Retrieval involves a process of connecting directly into the Galactic Central Sun and using this energy to exposing the energetic connections to other people, places, things and events that are allowing energetic backdoors for dark energy flow to and from the client. Once exposed, these dark connections are dissolved, cleaned and transmuted to allow only the brightest emotional and energetic frequencies to be shared, empowering instead of draining. Secondly, the energy body is scanned to locate any pieces of the soul that are missing. Once found, they are removed from where they reside, washed clean, and returned back to the client, restoring a sense of fullness, relaxation and vitality. Finally, any pieces of other people, places, things or events are removed from the client, washed clean and returned back to where they came from. This is a powerful modality to reclaim sovereignty, activate energetic abilities, and ground the client into the body. This is recommended for people who feel as if others are always draining them, as well as people who cannot ever feel fully rested. This service is also recommended for people who feel as though other people hold grudges against them, have put curses on them, or if there are any negative emotions or standing “bad blood” between people.


Crystalline Organ and Body Rejuvination consists of direct attention to damage in the body on all physical levels. Each of the organs will be opened on a meridian level, followed by a DNA blueprint overlay on the existing organ, healing damage and bringing the stem cells and chi needed for complete organ regeneration, strengthening and healthiness. Secondly, the body on a cellular level will be flushed through, cleaning out any protein chains, amino acids and lipid chains that are gluing muscles together and creating holding patterns that generate pain throughout the body. Once the musculature is flushed, a direct muscle memory reset is catalyzed, promoting healthy blood flow, better posture and significantly decreased physical pain. This service is recommended for people who have direct physical issues such as injury, damaged organs, failing physical systems, poor circulation, nervous system conditions, trauma holding patterns and general unexplainable body pain.


A parasite/implant and entity extraction consists of multiple layers in the body. First, the energy body is scanned, noting anywhere that a dark attachment resides, along with the symptoms, physical, energetic or emotional, as well as if any entities are attached into these systems directly. Second, the meridian body is scanned, noting any blockage or shut down energy pathways, along with the corresponding organs on that energetic pathway. Third, the physical body is scanned for any lymphatic blockage, and finally, the neural networking is scanned for any imbalance or lack of connectivity. Once everything is pinpointed, the work begins. The work consists of: Removal of all implants/parasites and entities in the body; The meridians are re-balanced, turned back on if shut down; the organs corresponding to those meridians are healed and rejuvenated if damaged; The lymphatic pathways are opened up- anything blocking them is either opened to allow flow or made permeable to allow filtering; The neural networking is then balanced, any nerves shut down or operating on a sub par level are turned on, being rejuvenated as well; Finally, any Neural Linguistic Programs (NLP), miasma, or residue, is returned to where it came from outside of you; As a final step, any energy that has been stolen from you is returned. Powerful.


A Golden Frequency Attunement consists of cross training in abdominal breathing while flowing vital life force essence through your body, which opens up energy channels while reinforcing existing ones to handle an increase in flow. The Golden Frequency Attunement is similar to level three reiki attunement. How the process works: When in a deeper meditative state, I begin to attune your energy centers to the Golden frequency, integrating all of the color spectrum into your energetic body for a cohesive flow and deeper connectivity to the Christ Consciousness. The increase in energy will directly translate to your ability to do this energy work more confidently, however, this step is not needed to do the work on your own, it simply makes it easier. This is along the lines of “who attuned Usui?”, who was the first reiki master.  Usui attuned himself, then began to share the work with those around him. We can each do the same, though having it done for you initiates you into this understanding much faster.


Golden Frequency Coaching consists of you and I working together to further your working knowledge of your own energy systems, how they work and flow, and how to locate then remove the negative implantations from your energetic body.  Instead of guesswork and wondering if you have done it correctly, I will be right there standing over your shoulder watching as you do it, pointing out what I see and where to direct what you are doing. Together, we will strengthen your awareness, perception, ability to push, overall strength and confidence in keeping yourself clear.  Again, this is not needed, each of us can become competent in these systems by ourselves, however, having someone point out what you cannot yet see gives you an awareness that develops much faster than trying to figure it out on your own. I did this by myself and it took me almost three years to get to where I am at now. Having the advantage of  being coached by me, you can get to where I am at in a few months with steady practice and flowing energy through your body every day.


When we take a prism to a beam of sunlight, we can break it apart to see each color in the visible light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  The Golden Christ-Consciousness energy is everything integrated all together. Everything you need is in the Golden frequency, there is no need for the blue of protection or the violet of healing, it is a one stop shop, a jack of all trades. This energy that each of us has total access to is the reason these systems are in place. The Christ-Consciousness energy is why we are being fed off of energetically. It is turned dark, and perverted to allow these negative beings to consume it, yet it is our greatest tool to break free of these systems. By removing these parasites/implants and entities from the body, we unleash our Natural Humanity to begin to operate in the way it was designed. Free. By attuning yourself to the Golden frequency, you quicken this process of unleashing your natural abilities; Be it healing through consciousness, telepathy, astral projection/travel, remote viewing, photographic memory, or immense physical strength. By receiving coaching in this process, you have someone who has already walked this path to show you where the pitfalls are, or, in this instance, where the shortcuts lie.

Together, we will Unleash Natural Humanity.

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