About Eric

Who am I? Who am I?

Is this not a question, spread across the world?
Am I the man who stares blindly into the sky?
The man who accepts the reality in which I’ve been hurled?

Is who I think I am even real?
Im pretty sure I am here…I know I can feel…
I never used to have a clue, I was lost in indecision.

I didn’t know what to do, I’ve never had a mission.
I followed along with the mindless herd.
Never questioning when the “truth” is absurd.

So sick of life and the pain all around,
Anger and strife…stick my head in the ground.
Indifference, apathy…anger, what’s wrong with me?

I had the need to see…who I truly wanted to be.
Is this all I am? The delusion that thinks it’s free?

Stuck in the spiral…what does it mean to be ME?

Malice and hate were all that I knew.
Push me wrong, and from my mouth flew,
The rage of pain, like a lost little child.

Lashing out, can’t contain, the thoughts just went wild.
It’s always your fault…no responsibility.
Rub the wounds with salt…I hate you all. I CAN’T SEE!!

I couldn’t see the truth, and the light all around.
You could show me proof, and I’d shut my ears from the sound.

But you can’t live that way, pretending its good when its wrong.
Putting up the mask of a smile, stringing everyone along.

When we die, we go alone, and take with us nothing.
That fact alone should make you want to live for something.

The nice house, the nice car, the gorgeous pool in the yard…
It all means nothing if you can’t call it OURS.

When you are gone, you are gone, and just a memory.
So how will you be remembered by your friends and family?
Were you the man who sacrificed his time for his children?

Or are you the man they hated, the family villain?
Were you the man who was happy, despite any situation?
Or did you spew hate and fear, cloaked by the dark raven?

Did you fight all? Spearheading the invasion?
Or did you let your ego fall…and bring about the light wave equation?

There is more to this life than rap music and beer.
We don’t need to fight. We can co-exist without fear.
Happiness and bliss, feel so much better than hate.

When you focus on this, the other crap can’t even rate.
It’s all about love and what you can create.

Turn your eyes up above, let go…of venomous traits.
Drop your heart rate…don’t take the bait.
Spread the joy all around, the magic’s innate.

Watch your eyes dilate as you slide ‘cross home plate.
Watch the structure become ornate, as we slash the crime rate.
And believe when I say the slave state is meant to sedate.

So when it comes down to it, and your heart seizes in your chest.
And you cant unfog your eyes, though you are trying your best.

As the adrenaline kicks in, and the knowledge grows,
The realization of death…in your eyes it shows.

And you slide into the black, and have no expectation,
And the people watching know, you have no more sensation.

What is left? You are gone, though your legacy lives on.
And all they have is the memory of the traits you called on.

So that is it, all you are is a memory of a legacy.
Now the question is…was that life worthy?

So who am I?! I’m a man with these thoughts in his head.
A man who wishes to leave more than just stuff when I’m dead.

I’m a man who refuses a funeral, and insists on a party.
Because my life was beautiful, and you all will agree.
So what it comes down to, my life will be happy.

Who am I? I’m Eric. And thats more than good enough for me.

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